Style and Craftsmanship in Guangfu Furniture

23rd, Nov., 2019

This exhibition of“Style and Craftsmanship in Guangfu Furniture”displays about 200 pieces of excellent furnitures, related collections and reference data collected by the Guangdong Museum and the Palace Museum. The four chapters of Guangfu style, court style, overseas trade style and craft materials of Guangzuo furniture reproduce the glorious history of Guangzuo .

In this exhibition, It used ACEVEL professional museum stepless zooming spotlights, which fully exert their performance. 8-60° zoomable beam angle creates precise light distribution. The feature of excellent anti-glare creates soft and comfortable light. Round, oval and rectangular light distributions are available to meet the needs of different lighting design and atmosphere in various situations. The high CRI 98 LED is used to better restore the true colors of the materials of Guangfu furniture, improve the quality of the light and the overall exhibition environment, therefore a more detailed and considerate light environment is created for the audience.

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