Rembrandt to Monet :500 Years of European Painting

17th, Mar., 2020

The grand exhibition of the year-"From Rembrandt to Claude Monet: Five Hundred Years of European Painting" is about to land on the Guangdong Museum on January 10. This exhibition is an international touring exhibition of the most outstanding European master paintings introduced by the Guangdong Museum from the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). This exhibition will present 60 carefully selected IMA works for the first time in China. Their extraordinary painting skills and important artistic values show the 14th to 19th centuries, from the early Renaissance to French Impressionism, from southern Italy to the Netherlands.

ACEVEL luminaires with high colour rendering index present more vivid works. Zoomable structure precisely shape the light on each artwork. Soft light maximizes visual comfort. Fresh light brings a sense of perspective to the artist and history, helping the visitor aggrandize more real feeling when reading the message in the paintings.

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