Nanhai No.1 Shipwrech and Maritime Trade in the Southern Song Dynasty

18th, May., 2019

In this exhibition, the audience can see the style and experience of various cultural relics that sunk with Nanhai No.1, and experience a journey that may be gone forever.This exhibition is the first large-scale display of the "Nanhai I" shipwreck cultural relics in Guangzhou. The exhibition planning team went to the site to select exhibits in an attempt to bring the most representative cultural relics to Guangzhou. In this exhibition, there are various types of cultural relics, including effluent porcelain, various types of metal wares, gold and silver wares, cinnabar, fruits, animal bones, crystals, bone products, and stone relics. Among them, there are not only the first representative utensils collected in the first survey in 1987, but also the latest findings in 2019. More than 400 shipwreck cultural relics and related cultural relics of the Southern Song Dynasty were displayed, including exquisite ceramics, gold and silver gems, and metal objects.

With the help of ACEVEL high color rendering index 98 zoom track lights and showcase lights, the pure and elegant monochrome glazed porcelain was truly restored, showing the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty. Details of superb workmanship of gold wares, ironware, bronzeware, tinware, etc. are displayed under ACEVEL luminaries with lowest damage factor possible.

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