Stories of Jewellery in the Cyclades

24th, Sep., 2019

In 2019, there are 297 pieces of jewelry from 14 archaeological Cycladic museums entered the Guangdong Museum for the first time. This exhibition shows the Cyclades from 6000 BC to contemporary Greece in the 1970s, with passionate colorful murals, dazzling gold gems, solemn and mysterious religious ornaments, Mediterranean style clothing parts, etc.. Let the audience feel the times of the Mediterranean civilization, and find the source of inspiration for the creation of western modern and contemporary jewelry art.

The romantic and pure Sea of Love, the magnificent and elegant Acropolis, the beautiful goddess born in sea foam, and the once brilliant Byzantine culture, the beauty that Greece brings to us is much more than that. Small jewellery integrates people's aesthetic interest, carries rich human emotions, entrusts faith and worship, and records cultural and artistic changes in its own unique way.

ACEVEL focusable track lights with soft, clean lighting precisely illuminate every exhibits of Greek jewelry to show the uniqueness of each piece of jewelry, bring the audience to explore Greece's thousands of years of aesthetic art, emotional sustenance and social changes.

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