Buddha’s Light of the Wei and Tang Dynasties - The Essence of cultural relics from Longmen Grottoes

25th, May., 2020

The grand exhibition “Buddha’s Light of the Wei and Tang Dynasties--The Essence of cultural relics from Longmen Grottoes” was presented in Guangdong Museum. This exhibition is the first gathering of 85 exquisite cultural relics of Longmen Grottoes, among which 8 pieces are national treasures returned from overseas.

ACEVEL provides the focusable track light and gobo light for this exhibition. With its clear and soft light, the focusable track lights build an emotional bridge between the audience and history, exploring the secrets of Longmen Grottoes. The shooter adjusts its shape of the light based on the shape and size of the exhibits. The neat and clear light cut makes the exhibits spectacular by themselves, presenting the beauty and grandeur of Longmen Grottoes as much as possible, leading the audience to experience the beautiful statues in Northern Wei Dynasty, and watch the rich and beautiful Tang Dynasty Buddha statue.

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