The Sound of Mountains and Rivers

21st, Aug., 2020

"The Sound of Mountains and Rivers" is a visual art exhibition brand that focuses on the creation of contemporary Chinese landscape paintings. As a unique art form in China, landscape painting not only emphasize sharmony with the natural world in Chinese culture, but also embodies the artists’ ideological concept of their love for landscape and their aspiration. The landscape painting paradigms make all visitors immersed in the picturesque scroll of rivers and mountains.

In this exhibition, the painters Zhuang Xiaolei, Xie Yongzeng, Niu Zhao and Xu Weiguo are A-list artists in the contemporary Chinese landscape painting circle. Their artworks are characterized by different appearancs and unique styles.

ACEVEL unique focusable track light with oval light distribution perfectly shows the rhythm changes of the layout of the long scroll paintings and the aesthetic feeling of painting. The features of flexible zoom and oval lighting distribution provide excellent visual quality performance in this exhibition.

The saturated light in full spectrum, high CRI98, exquisite, clean and soft light present the beauty of the artistic conception of landscape for audience, giving people endless art enjoyment.

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